Here’s what the pros know – and what you need to succeed in property

I have been investing in property since 2005. I have enormous successes using mentors and coaches along the way to help me achieve this.

I first discovered the power of a mentor when I was in banking and wanted to understand the mechanics of the bank – I soon discovered that the person who works the hardest is not necessarily the person who got promoted.

The mentee / mentor relationship is based on trust and the relationship is one where the mentee sets and drives the agenda – after all, you need to ensure I am providing you with the skills and expertise to succeed, right?

In property, working with investors has allowed me to go further and faster. Property is a people business and it is all about the relationship. I offer a higher ROI to my investors and keep them informed of all aspects of the deal.

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I have benefited from property mentoring and coaching in the past and I now offer a private and group coaching and mentorship program for people who are keen to start their own journey into property investing. This is only open to a limited number of people at any time who want to work with me.


There is no shortcut to property success despite what others will have you believe. If it was easy, everybody would all be doing it.
The truth is, many start and then fall by the first hurdle.
Our education courses will ensure you stay on track.