Elsie was recommended to me when I was looking for someone to hold me accountable. I had spent quite a bit of money on courses and education before and just needed some support. Elsie’s 3-month programme was ideal as it fast tracked me into action. Elsie has a wonderful approach and puts you at ease straight away. She is direct and straight to the point but at the same time listens intently. I would highly recommend Elsie – she is an inspiration.


Elsie mentored me on property investment in the last year.   ‪Her approach is very detailed and we set out clear goals for my first year given my situation. During our programme, she always made time for me, shared her vast knowledge on different property strategies and gave regular feedback to hold me accountable to my investment plans.   ‪I would not have taken action without her and would definitely recommend her as a property mentor.


Elsie mentored me through my first year in the professional property investing industry and it was incredibly helpful to her help. ‪Elsie is a fountain of knowledge and very experienced in lots of different strategies. ‪She is a very confident and self assured lady which is a great characteristic for a mentor, especially if you want to be held accountable, and being held accountable is a very important feature when you are starting out, it can literally be the difference between success and failure as I found out. Feel very lucky to have had Elsie's guidance and support!



It was a great evening. It was even more impactful yesterday. Elsie Igbinadolor story was inspirational, open and real. Love it and thank you so much for sharing. You don't know what you did to me by sharing that story. Watch the space!


Excellent evening with very interesting people. Elsie's speech was eye opening and very relatable.

Denise N

An inspirational evening. Thank you to all members guests and new attendees who joined us. The room was packed to hear our founder Elsie Igbinadolor shared her story of success achieved by setting herself massive goals, working hard and networking with others.

Zaheda J

An awesome evening, Elsie our founder and host gave us a wonderful insight into her journey in life. Her tenacity and desire to succeed has allowed her to overcome every challenge she encountered along her way. No wonder she is a successful property investor, developer. Overall a great evening. No hidden agenda - just genuine conversation, sharing of information and experience.

‪Brendan Quinn‬‬

Founder of Wandsworth and Central London Property Networking Events

"Its great to have Elsie presenting at your Property Event as Elsie is a pro-active Speaker who will share with her followers where she is speaking which makes such a difference. ‬‬‬ ‪She's punctual, arrives in plenty of time, so she can tailor her presentation to the audience who are there on the evening. What impressed me most when Elsie spoke at the Ealing Property Network was how she inspired the audience to want to know more. In terms of logistics as an events organiser Elsie was fantastic- her presentation was delivered within the time period given to her and I have no hesitation to invite Elsie back to my Property Meets in 2015.‬‬‬"

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