Overall Vision

Working to ensure a win win for my investors and JV partners is high on my criteria.

I work with both private and institutional clients who are looking for their money to go further.

I have also been accredited and passed the highest due diligence to be able to invest other peoples pension funds where they are contained in a SIPP or SASS.

Who do you know that wants a higher return for their money backed by legal agreements and depending on the amounts loaned, backed by security?

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Why Work With Me?

What are your values?

When was the last time you were asked this question?

At the forefront of everything I do is to ensure I carry on my business with integrity and authenticity. My values are important to me and so when I work with others, I look at their values and goals to ensure we are aligned.

There is no such thing as overnight success. I have built up my multi-million portfolio overtime, since 2005, first as a hobby and then as a business and so I have seen both sides. I know what it is like to hold down a full time job and start off in property.

I did it whilst working in a high pressured job in the city of London – you can do it too!

Current Projects

I am working with a number of JV partners and investors to invest in HMO’s in London and we are also looking at bigger conversion projects.

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